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About Us

About Us!

Sikora's Church Supply & Religious Goods has been family owned and operated by the same family since 1925. Our founder, Philip E. Sikora, opened Sikora's in Passaic, New Jersey, known as the "City of Churches" because each neighborhood and immigrant group had their own unique and beloved church. He passed down first to his sons Edward, Philip, & Arthur and later to his granddaughters, Barbara & Patty, that our number one priority will always be exceptional service delivered to our customers with a warm, friendly touch. When you order from us, you can be confident that we will do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction, because YOU are why we are still here after 90 years.

Why Us?

With the ease of on-line shopping, you now have many options as to where you purchase religious supplies. When you choose Sikora's you are choosing to shop with an increasingly hard to find "old school" type of store. Meaning you will be dealing with a family business with a real physical store in Northeast New Jersey filled with thousands of religious goods including candles, sanctuary supplies, clothing, artwork, books, and more! Our staff is very experienced, many have been with us for years, and they excel at recommending options or alternatives when something you need is out of stock. They can also help you design or customize many types of clothing or artwork, so they exactly fit your needs. We can also help you save money, by refinishing and repairing your worn or damaged sacred vessels and other metal ware. We also refurbish pews, other furniture and larger statues. When you choose Sikora's, you are doing your part to support a local small business which employs local workers. You also benefit from knowing most of our products are already in stock for quick delivery or FREE in-store pickup.